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Angus Steak

The steak on our menu is sourced primarily from Las Pampas region of South America where they specialise in breeding Purebred Aberdeen Angus and Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers. The cattle are reared on fertile prairies on the huge 5000 hectare South America Estancias (ranches) meaning their muscle structure is uniform and their meat is tender. Genealogy charts ensure the continuous quality bloodlines are maintained through the herds in both South America and indeed the UK.

Angus Steakhouse currently offers eleven cuts of steak in eighteen size options to ensure each of our customers can choose their perfect steak. 

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Beyond Angus Steakhouse: Exploring Leicester Square

Leicester Square; one of London’s most famous tourist hotspots and home to one of our iconic Angus Steakhouse restaurants.


This month, we explore some of the most popular tourist attractions neighbouring our Angus Steakhouse restaurant in Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square…


Lego Store

Take the family, visit with friends or go it alone. Whoever you’re travelling with, Lego’s Flagship Store in is not to be missed. The biggest of its kind in the world, the expansive shop spans two floors and crams over 914 metres of Lego-themed fun and features. An incredible 6.53m tall, 200,000 Lego-Brick Big Ben towers over a model of a London Underground Tube! The store that took 2,280 hours to build also features a working clock face illuminated every night, a must-see for any visitor to the famous square.


The West End 

The West End is surely one of London’s most famous districts, known for its multiple range of theatres, attractions, hotels and shopping. The street performers and vibrant atmosphere only enhance the experience of this traveller hotspot. Theatre-goers can choose from 40 theatres in so-called ‘Theatreland’ and watch some of the highest quality theatre in the world. With world-famous plays and musicals, ranging from Mamma Mia to The Woman in Black, you’re spoiled for choice.

Ask us at Angus Steakhouse for our pre-theatre meal deals, before your visit!


Film Premieres 

Leicester Square is also home to the glamour and glitz of London’s Film Scene. Look out for upcoming Red Carpet events that are due throughout your time in London. Hollywood stars are often spotted here, posing for the paparazzi on a weekly basis. If you want to catch the latest film whilst you’re in the UK’s national home of premiers, we recommend visiting the Odeon Luxe Cinema, which is just one of many cinemas in this historical movie-square.


M&M’s World

M&M’s World is the largest candy store in the world! Spread over four insanely colourful floors at 35,000 square feet, you cannot visit Leicester Square without seeing it for yourself. The store also features the world’s biggest chocolate wall, offering over 100 different varieties of M&M’s to choose from. As a first-time visitor, you should take advantage of perhaps the most famous feature here; personalised M&M’s. Customers are able to print their face on their choice of M&M’s, so they can take a piece of the magic back home.


The Tube

We couldn’t reach the end of our blog without mentioning the classic icon that is The London Underground. Boasting 5 million passengers daily and an annual ridership of 1.357 billion (2017/2018), the transport system connects London and beyond. As the world’s first underground railway, it is undoubtedly the most popular way to travel in and around the city. Take the Northern or Piccadilly Line through to the Leicester Square stop, and leave through any of the station’s exits to see our Angus Steakhouse, Cranbourn Street Restaurant…


Food & Drink

Finally, after a long day of exploring the many tourist attractions Leicester Square has to offer, where better to rest your legs and put down your bags than Angus Steakhouse? If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant offering quality food and refreshing drinks, set in a comfortable and relaxed environment, this is the place!


Enjoy your visit to Leicester Square, and don’t forget to visit us!